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Monthly Archives: January 2010

It is an well known fact that the First month of 2010 is a wrap. Therefore I wanted to look back at this month.

It all began with some of my character designs which many of you liked! I even got some interested connections that mailed me for future projects. I had a lot of fun creating the characters but as the month grew older I wanted to create some more complicated drawings.
Like “wrapped”, “The escape” and “Be Free”.

As you noticed the style got a little twist after 2 weeks. The reason of the sudden change was because there were some technical difficulties in the family. I even got a little taste of the dark side and turned my paper into skulls. & .
But that turned out to be just a phase of 9 days or so! After that I decided that I wanted to create some happier graphics again and so I did.

When I saw that a lot of you were interested in the project I decided that I wanted to have a custom designed blog. As you might have suspected I’m a graphic designer/art director and got creative on my personal own web design. It’s still in the design phase but I’ll keep you up to date.

The technical side of the blog is going to be created by someone else then me. A close friend of my, Kris Baken recently finished his study in Amersfoort and got to work at the company A-side, . He’s an amazing developer and is nuts about PHP. On his new website you can check out his projects and personal work.
The first month for me was a real test. I’m a kind of guy that says that he’s going to get something done, but in reality it doesn’t get anywhere near completion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a responsible man but home projects for myself are mostly my second priority! First school, business and work and then my personal projects. But it turned out that this project is quiet meaningful for me. Therefore I was willing to take some time to create these drawings. I’m really looking forward to the next month. Which starts tomorrow.

So far I drew a lot of drawings and am still inspired to draw a lot more. So I hope to see you and hear from you in the future. Get ready for the second month! “February”