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  1. Because my father was a very good artist as well… I made this drawing of an falcon flying over the horizon.

    In his younger years he drew loads of nice drawings for diskette albums. Nowadays he just draws for fun. Just like me!
    Always complimenting my work i thought i had to make an piece for him as well. Because he drew my birth card free handed as well.

    So dad, here you are! A drawing dedicated to you.

    Tomas Bloem

  2. Hi Tomas!
    Nice to see you have adopted a style I have developed long long time ago, in 1981!
    I enjoy to see you drawing and the results!
    Rob Bloem

  3. Hi Thomas,
    I used to receive holidaycards from your dad, on those even the handwriting was a piece of art, let alone the miniature illustrations. I always liked the back of the cards more than the front :D

    Its very nice to see you have the same talent.
    Keep up the good work:)

    • Hi barbara!

      Thats nice to hear!:p
      Yeah i always looked up to my fathers drawings. And still i can’t draw that style as good as him.
      So i have a long way to go, if i want to be as good as him.
      But luckely I have my one styles:p

      Thanks for the reaction Barbara!:)


  4. sorry ’bout the H :)

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