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  1. this is so cool.
    Clever idea

  2. heel mooi!!

  3. Holy Crapped, it’s really nice. Nice idea and realization of it. Like I asked on Twitter, do you do designs such as logos etc.?

    • yes, actually i do!:p
      i make logo’s, posters, flyers, adds, websites, banners, ect ect ect! :)

      I don’t really have an online portfolio online for that right now.. but if you want to see some work you can allways ask;)
      Maybe i’ll put it on my new blog (currently in the making;))

      Thx for the comment btw!


  4. Hi, your works are very nice. I am a student. I hope I could learn some experiences from you.

    • I hope so to! I would say, keep watching:p The blog is updated daily so…:p
      Let me know when you made something!:)

      Thx for the compliment!


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