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Hi all!

Maybe you read it on twitter, maybe you just had a clue! But it’s here!
The idea is to give you the opportunity to give some inspiring subjects for drawings.

Aside from the daily drawings there is this possibility i have spare time to create some other graphics.
So, i thought why not your ideas?

Sounds good right?
Well, leave an idea or request if you have a good one, or just think it might be fun to say!
Who knows it’ll be created and published!

Tomas Bloem



  1. mijn idee:

    -een tractor tekenen
    -mij tekenen
    -jezelf tekenen
    -of iets met heel veel kleurtjes


  2. How about making ridiculous logos of companies that don’t exist? Haha, so far your stuff is awesome. You MUST have some T-Shirts on Threadless no?

  3. Can you sketch Twitter bird, and allow me to use it on Twitter background?

    • Well, that ain’t a bad idea!;)

      I’ll do my best!
      Maybe this weekend and maybe next weekend;) I’ll keep you up to date!

      Thx for the request btw!
      We’ll keep in touch;)


  4. deze vraag heb ik gemist
    (r)eat a book
    maar dan with the little devil
    als het er maar gevaarlijk uitziet om boeken te lezen :-)

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