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All posts about Masenas, about the idea, Announcements, News, ect.

I know, the weekend is allready history, and still no drawings. Don’t worry they will come.
Tonight at 8 PM i will upload the new drawing from 1 januari until 7 januari!

See you tonigh
Tomas Bloem


It is already 6 januari 2010 but is still wanted to wish you al an happy new year. Therefore i posted this image i made for my website.

Make it an even better year then 2009! Let your creativity stun others!

Tomas Bloem

My name is Tomas Bloem and i’m from the Netherlands.
I’m currently in my final year of studying graphic and interaction design.
After that i’m going to the “willem the koning” in rotterdam.

As an designer i had a few nice web projects such as,,, ect.

But, my passion stays with drawing funny characters or text and creating killer graphics.

Daily drawing bassicly speaks for itself, the idea is to draw an character or typographic composition every single day for the rest of the year twentyten.

On this page I intend to weekly upload the creations i made.

Well, so far the first post of all…
On friday ore saturday i’ll post the first few.

Tomas Bloem